KLA Members Encouraged To Vote In This Week’s Election

November 5, 2018

KLA has endorsed candidates for Congress, statewide offices and the Kansas House of Representatives who have demonstrated support for the state’s livestock industry. The full list of KLA endorsements can be found here. KLA members are encouraged to stand up for the livestock industry by voting in the November 6 election.           

Candidates KLA has endorsed for Congress include Roger Marshall, 1st District; Steve Watkins, 2nd District; Kevin Yoder, 3rd District; and Ron Estes, 4th District. For statewide offices, KLA has endorsed Derek Schmidt for attorney general, Scott Schwab for secretary of state and Vicki Schmidt for insurance commissioner.            

Funds used to support candidates for state offices and the Kansas House come from voluntary contributions to the KLA Political Action Council. No dues revenue is used for campaign contributions.