Kansas Livestock Foundation

     The Kansas Livestock Foundation's (KLF) primary objective is to operate solely and exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes that advance the interests of the beef industry.
     This objective can be achieved by supporting existing programs or by developing new and engaging opportunities.


Join us in our effort by investing in the Kansas Livestock Foundation to:
  • Provide educational opportunities and scholarships for individuals interested in pursuing careers in animal husbandry, agribusiness or other related fields;
  • Educate the general public on livestock-related issues affecting all of us as Kansans who work and live in proximity to agricultural or livestock operations;
  • Advance scientific research in areas of general concern to the public as relates to the livestock industry in Kansas.

For more information on KLF or how to donate, contact:

Ryan Higbie
Director of Membership Marketing & Services
Kansas Livestock Association
(785) 273-5115