This hay and pasture exchange is a joint effort of K-State Research and Extension and Kansas Farm Bureau developed to better connect those who have hay and pasture with those who do not.

Texas Department of Agriculture
     The Texas Department of Agriculture Hay and Grazing Hotline is a service to the agricultural industry to help in locating forage and hay supplies. Click on "search for hay to purchase" to search a specific state or county.   

Missouri Hay Directory
     The Missouri Department of Agriculture hay directory allows those in need of hay to search within the state by county or outside Missouri in surrounding states. Those with hay to sale also can list what they have available on the site.

The Hay Connection
     This is a Facebook page connecting those who need hay with those who have hay

Hay Net 
     Farm Service Agency's electronic Hay Net Ad Service is an Internet-based service allowing farmers and ranchers to share 'Need Hay' ads and 'Have Hay' ads online