The following activities support a program of continuing education for persons interested in the production and promotion of livestock.

Lectures, seminars, workshops, panels, briefings, etc.
     Such activities would address timely topics such as marketing systems, management techniques, estate planning and the use of new technologies in agricultural operations.

     Provide funds for scholarships and grants to students at the undergraduate or graduate level. Scholarships could be made in recognition of the specific donor and designated for students according to specific criteria.

     There is a great need to join the practical experience found only in a hands-on work environment with classroom instruction on the same topic. It is believed these internships also will be beneficial for organizations and associations concerned with or serving the needs of the public in areas related to agriculture and livestock management.

Consumer research and education
     Engaging in research regarding consumer attitudes about utilizing red meat in their diets, so as to provide further education to the consumer, will benefit the livestock industry.