Country-Of-Origin Labeling

     The World Trade Organization has authorized Canada and Mexico to assess a total of $1 billion in retaliatory tariffs on U.S. products due to inequities caused by mandatory country-of-origin labeling (mCOOL). This announcement is the final step in a WTO dispute that has been ongoing for seven years. Despite efforts by USDA to amend the rule, WTO has repeatedly ruled mCOOL discriminates against imported livestock, violating U.S. trade agreements.
     The only way to prevent the tariffs from going into effect is for Congress, specifically the U.S. Senate, to repeal mCOOL immediately. The U.S. House overwhelmingly voted earlier this year to repeal the law. If the Senate does not act, U.S. beef going into Canada and Mexico will face a 100% tariff, severely diminishing about $2 billion annually in beef exports. Without legislation to repeal mCOOL, NCBA expects retaliation to begin this month.
     Below is a link to talking points that can be used when discussing the mCOOL rule.

mCOOL talking points