Nearly 100 Wichita consumers took part in the April 23 Day at the Farm Tour organized by the Greenwood County CattleWomen. Jamie Lindamood, who planned the educational event, conceived the tour idea during the KLA Leadership Conference in January.
     “Educating consumers about how we produce their food has become nearly as important as actually growing it,” said Lindamood, who lives on a farm with her husband, Diltz, near Eureka.
     The group heard from range management specialists Luke Westerman and Dale Kirkham about the native tallgrass prairie. Jack and Becky Lindamood from Quincy hosted a tour stop focused on crop and hay production, where participants climbed on tractors and other equipment. Following a beef lunch, the group was exposed to a prescribed pasture burn at Lindamood Ranch, where smoke management was discussed. The next stop, at Dalebanks Angus of Eureka, included presentations about beef by-products by Amy Perrier and Anna Curry and animal husbandry and breeding technologies by KLA President Matt Perrier. Also at this stop, Greenwood County KLA Chairman Glen Collinge, along with the younger Dalebanks ranch crew, demonstrated how calves are worked.
     A wildflower walk concluded the tour. Prior to departing for Wichita, participants were served homemade cookies, baked by Carolyn Perrier and Dee Lindamood, and milk, provided by Hildebrand Farms Dairy of Junction City.





Vice President of Communications Todd Domer says the Kansas Livestock Association recently testified on proposed changes to the state’s trichomoniasis regulations.