State lawmakers are on a four-day break for the Memorial Day holiday and will reconvene May 26 in an attempt to wrap up the 2015 session. Reaching consensus on a $400 million tax hike package continues to stand in the way of final adjournment.
     Senators are expected to debate, offer amendments and vote on a tax plan May 26 or 27. The bill (Senate Substitute for HB 2109) on the Senate floor has nine revenue enhancement components, including a .35% increase in the state sales tax rate; a 5¢ increase in the motor fuel tax; a cigarette and tobacco tax hike; adjustments to the motor vehicle property tax assessment; and would reimpose, for two years, the non-wage business income tax on LLC’s, subchapter-S corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.
     Amendments to establish a new $3 per acre tax on land and repeal of the farm machinery and equipment sales tax exemption likely will be considered during the Senate debate. KLA members are encouraged to call or email their state senators to express opposition to these amendments and other proposals that single out agriculture for tax increases. Members should contact senators and representatives in their district over the holiday weekend or call the legislative hotline starting Tuesday (5/26) at (800) 432-3924.

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